THe Bravest People

We meet the bravest people. We meet people who are willing to share their deepest darkest pain in order to help others. We meet people who stand in front of a camera or on a stage and share their stories because they know it may be just the message someone else needs to hear to stay with us. It may be just the piece of hope they need to cling on to.

Ethan Brennan

We will add to the two stories below but we want to start with these. Ethan Brennan inspired Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention. We like to say Ethan is the very picture of hope. He fought depression, won and uses his experience to help others.

Chris Bro

Chris Bro lost his dad to suicide in 2010. Nine years later and you can still see the pain in Chris’s eyes and yet, he stood on stage with his wife Kate Snow and shared their journey. Chris says it best, “It’s the small things.” It’s the small acts of sharing that will change the world.